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10% Military Discount

10% Lifetime Military Discount at Sex Toys Forever (

10 percent military discount for lifeSex Toys Forever supports our Troops! Everyday our troops are out on the front lines trading their comfort for our safety. We feel that our troops deserve more from the local communities so Sex Toys Forever is offering a life time 10% discount to all active and former members of the military.

To receive your lifetime 10% military discount you have to upload a copy of your military id (Active and Inactive members are eligible) and 1 other form of identification. We will then apply the 10% lifetime military discount to your account. Anytime you order any product from sex toys forever, You will automatically receive a 10% discount (You must order from the account that holds your military discount). CLICK HERE to email your military ID so you can get your 10% lifetime military discount.

And don't forget, Sex Toys Forever is vet owned and operated which is one of the main reasons why we are so driven and successful. We have chosen to give money back to the ones that protect us. We have the highest regards for our Troops and our Country, Ooh-rah!

Make sure you include the following with your email:

    1. Photocopy of your active or inactive military ID.
    2. Photocopy of any other identification that has your photo on it.
    3. The username that you sign into with.