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Pogo Stick Sex Machine With 2 Dildos

$210.00  $136.00
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  • Model: Pogo Stick Sex Machine Love It
  • Shipping Weight: 6lbs
  • Manufactured by: LoveBotz

The Pogo Stick Sex Machine is an easy-to-use, versatile device that provides endless possibilities for penetration, with or without a partner! This fuck stick is fully adjustable from the handle to the dildo cradle; it universally accommodates users of any height. It works with any standard vac-u-lock dildo, so you will be able to choose from the wide array of available vac-u-locks to find your perfect pleasure object. To get you started, two different dildos are included: a thick, smooth shaft to fill you up and a nicely tapered one, perfect for anal exploration. This entertaining little number works just like a pogo stick, with an internal spring that uses your own body movement to control the speed and power of the thrusts, making it a complete custom experience for each user. You can receive your cock standing up with the Pogo Stick placed on the floor, lying down with it braced against the wall - your options are limited only by your imagination! Control the action yourself, or let a partner give you a good workout. Best of all, there are no batteries to run out or electrical outlets to hunt for, so you can get right down to business and play for as long as you can take it!

Code: STF-VF731B-2133.
Color: Pogo Stick is black, included dildos are natural
Brand: LoveBotz - Pogo Stick Machine with 2 Dildos.
Manufacturer Name: LoveBotz.
Packaging: Retail Packaging.
Shipping Weight: 6.00 pounds.
Measurements: Pogo Stick: 50.5 inches on total length, Smooth Dildo: 6.75 inch length, 1.73 inch max diameter, Tapered Dildo: 6.5 inch length, 1.56 inch max diameter.
Material: Metal and ABS.
Please Note: Dildo pictured on Pogo Stick is not included. Packaging consists of plain brown box.